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Licensing, Insurance & Rider Training


In ONTARIO a motorcycle license is required for all scooters, mopeds and motorcycles regardless of engine size or any electric over 500watts output. Insurance and license plates are also required. Motorcycles (all types including scooters and mopeds) are divided into two classes based on engine size as follows:

LSM Class = 50cc or less & the New Vespa Elettrica/Piaggio 1 can only travel on roadways with a posted speed limit of 80km/h or less (49/50cc scooters or Electric scooters are issued a green Ontario license plate, 49/50cc mopeds with pedals are issued a red Ontario license plate.

M Class = 51cc and up Can travel on any roadway or highway providing it can maintain 100km/h (250cc or greater is ideal for highway use. 51cc and greater are issued a white Ontario motorcycle plate.)

Licensing is graduated and can be obtained at any Ontario DriveTest centre. Licensing is broken down into 2 categories (detailed information can be found at )

1) Motorcycle License = "M" Class (all engine sizes, 2 wheel, 3 wheel trikes...etc)

2) Limited Speed Motorcycle License = "LSM" Class (50cc or less or Electric over 500 watts)


Graduated licensing is a 3 step process

1) 90 day beginners = written test only (same test for "M1" and "LSM1")

2) Practical Roadtest = can be done within 60 day of obtaining your beginners but no later than 90 days at expiration of beginners (same test for "M2" and "LSM2"). Road test can be done on your own bike (automatic scooter or standard motorcycle) at any Ontario DriveTest centre with a booked appointment or at any certified motorcycle training centre (only on a standard motorcycle).

3) Exit Test = LSM exit (50cc or less) is a repeat of your LSM2 practical road test. M2 exit (51cc and up) is a highway test or alternate route simulating a highway route **Riders using a bike that is 51cc up to 200cc should ensure their bike is highway capable If requesting an alternate route, ensure your tester does not bump you down to a restricted LSM license for 50cc or less**

Motorcycle training centres:


MotorSoul Riding School  (416)365-7685

-Toronto Downtown location


Learning Curves Motorcycle Training

-Various locations across Ontario


MTO -Motorcycle Training Organization (Halton/Peel/Toronto) (289)654-0501

-Oakville or Brampton locations


Rider Training Institute (RTI)


Motorcycle Insurance Providers:

MIB Insurance (Vespa & Harley Specialist)  905-695-2080 Ext 2547 David Grummett

NFP Insurance (formerly Dalton Timmis) 1-888-841-2621 for Ronn Calderon

Mitchell & Whale Insurance.  800-731-2228

Open Road Insurance 1-888-675-ROAD (7623)


Engine Size:

Since ONTARIO requires licensing for all engine sizes, our most popular seller is the 150cc for inner city commuting and 300cc for the suburbs.

50cc advantages: City use only with a top speed of 70km/h. Cheap insurance and great for students on the go. A 16 year old can own, operate and insure under their own name for much less than the cost of car insurance alone. The fact that they maintain their own insurance policy allows them to build their own insurance history so car insurance becomes much less down the road. Current models include Vespa Primavera 50, Vespa Sprint 50, Piaggio Liberty 50, Piaggio Typhoon 50. All using the same Italian built 4-Stroke, 4 Valve engine. This class includes the New Vespa Elettrica and Piaggio-1.

150cc advantages: City and secondary roads with a top speed of 100km/h. Highway legal but not highway appropriate. 4-Stroke, 3 Valve, fuel injected with quicker acceleration and better torque when carrying a passenger over the smaller 50cc model. Or most popular seller for the downtown commuter with current models that include the Vespa Primavera 150, Vespa Sprint 150 ABS, Piaggio Liberty 150.

300cc-400cc advantages: Best in class power to weight ratio. Economical for city and powerful for highway use. 4-Stroke, 4 Valve, Liquid Cooled with ABS and Traction Control has quicker acceleration than most large displacement cruiser styled motorcycles. Our best seller for the Suburbs! Current models include Vespa GTS300HPE abs/asr,  Piaggio BV400 abs/asr. 300cc engines are governed to 140km/h - 400cc engines are governed to 160km/h

MP3 advantages: Patented and built by Piaggio (manufacturers of Vespa) since 2005 with over 30,000/year sold in France alone. Asphalt, gravel, cobblestone is no match for the stability offered by having 2 leaning front wheels on the Piaggio MP3. Dry road-wet road no worry! Two front wheels also contributes to over 20% quicker and more stable braking. Current redesigned 500cc models for Canada include larger front wheels, ABS, traction control (ASR). The tilt lock function switch allows the vehicle to lock under 5km/h when coming to a stop and automatically unlocks when accelerating. Parking is a breeze on any surface or angle up to 40 degrees.


E-bikes when they were originally approved were meant to look like bicycles as not to create confusion with licensed motorcycles and motor scooters.  Manufacturers primarily in Asia have adapted E-bikes to resemble Vespas and other smaller motorcycles which are called E-scooters.  They have been able to do this by meeting the requirements of an E-bike with a 500Watt limitation to the electric motor size, 32km/h speed limitation, weight limitation and pedals.  E-bikes and E-scooters do not require licensing or insurance at this time.  They are to ride like a bicycle and lane share unlike a Vespa or other Motorcycle which commands the lane like any other car.  E-scooters have also caused public displeasure due to the lack of discipline given on the roadways by riders.  E-bikes look like bicycles and do not create this same confusion.  E-scooters exceeding 32km/h will be considered no different than a motorcycle and subject to fines of "no License", "no plates", and "no Insurance", with fines that can exceed $5000.

In Ontario, stand up gas powered kick scooters and, bicycles modified with a gas powered motor are illegal for on-road or sidewalk use.  In Toronto Kick scooters (gas and electric) are illegal and subject to a $60 fine.

Why a bicycle style e-bike over Scooter looking e-bike?

E-bike weigh approx 65 pounds compared to scooter looking types weighing over 200 pounds.  This little electric motor has to propel the weight of the bike along with the rider.

E-bikes have proper pedals and gears should you have a steep hill or run out of battery power.  Scooter looking types do not.  Good luck pushing a 200 pound scooter up the hill when the motor cannot do it on its own!

For further information on E-Bike rules and regulations in Ontario please click the image below.  For information on Kick scooter in Ontario click the second image below.

Please check your local municipality for further regulations enforced over and above the Ontario regulations.


Kick scooter laws



All models exceed California emissions and the toughest EU5 emissions. Cradle-to-Grave lifecycle of the new line of Vespa/Piaggio Motorscooters is cleaner to the environment than any ELECTRIC CAR. Fuel economy (...for the few that ask) will spend more one fancy coffee than a weeks worth of commuting.


FACT...Riding a Vespa is safer than walking (and far safer than cycling!) PROOF...In 19+ years in business there has not been 1 documented death on a Vespa in all of ONTARIO compared to walking in downtown Toronto in just 1 Week.  You are not crammed into a subway, bus or streetcar putting you at far greater risk of communicable diseases.


Free Parking or much cheaper parking The ability to actually find parking Navigate the city quicker than transit or automobile,  Passengers ride for FREE ;) Less automobile use Less Stress!!


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